(WFRV) – Three wholesale car dealers about 45 minutes south of Fond du Lac had their licenses revoked by the Wisconsin Department of Transportation.

According to the Wisconsin Department of Transportation, three wholesale dealers in the Beaver Dam area had their dealer licenses revoked. The dealers reportedly failed to properly follow administrative requirements by failing to maintain a licensed business facility.

The following dealers are the ones who had their licenses revoked:

  • Horsemen Motors LLC
    • 1645 North Spring Street #210
  • Your Experience LLC
    • 1645 North Spring Street #210
  • On The Go Auto LLC
    • 822 Park Avenue

Officials say the decision to revoke the licenses was affirmed by a hearing examiner decision on February 2. Dealers reportedly have 30 days to appeal a revocation, but these three did not appeal and the decision was made final on March 4.

The Wisconsin Department of Transportation’s Dealer and Agent Section is one that licenses, regulates and resolves disputes about dealership sales and warranty repairs. It also reportedly investigates complaints about odometer tampering and title fraud involving dealerships and private sellers.

No additional information was provided.