GREEN BAY, Wis. (WFRV) – A local animal hospital is warning new pet owners about the cold and how it can affect their furry friends.

The Green Bay and Allouez Hospital are urging pet owners to take extra care and caution with their pets as they venture out in the cold weather. “We are seeing many pet owners who are unaware of the dangers in these cold temperatures,” said Dr. Becky Krull.

Here are tips the animal hospital says are often overlooked:

  • Keeping pets at home – cold cars pose a threat similar to hot cars in summer
  • Know your animal’s limits – risks include whether they have short coats, are thin, elderly or very young
  • Wiping & checking their paws – paws can pick up salt, anti-freeze, and de-icers that are toxic chemicals
  • Keeping them leashed and near you – pets can easily become lost in winter and snowfall can make it even more difficult
  • Check your vehicles hoods & wheel wells – cats crawl into warm spaces and can be hurt or even killed
  • Keep animals off the ice – avoid lakes and ponds when walking your pet

They also recommend that you call law enforcement if you see an animal that is outside for extended periods of time.