An up and coming high-tech facility was the talk of Titletown Thursday as more details about the partnership between UW Green Bay, the Packers and Microsoft was unveiled.

Titletown Tech will include a venture studio, innovation lab and tech fund for young professionals to hone their tech skills and keep them close to home.

“When we think about technology and we think about the people working in technology, we think about cubicle farms,” says Breakthrough Fuel intern Sallie Petty. “This isn’t a cubicle farm and that’s the kind of company that I think this technology innovation center is going to draw to this area and if we can draw that kind of company here why would you leave?”

Sallie has already had experience working with entities like the NSA and Microsoft programs.

It just so happens that Microsoft is trying to create more opportunities for people like Sallie to stay in northeast Wisconsin.

“The idea of this innovation is just spurring up the economy,” says Mike Egan, director for Microsoft Tech Spark. “I think the hope is that the jobs are created and they stay here. The Small Business Administration talks about 60% of our new net jobs come from small business and that’s really the goal, how can we spur that in these regions and keep those jobs here.”

Titletown tech would be more than a two-story, 46,000 square foot facility.

It will serve as a beacon of tech leadership for entrepreneurs seeking guidance.

“Now they would have a facility right where you can actually bring in an incubation stage idea, new start up idea, maybe you’re an existing company, you just need to transform a bit and think about digital skills. Now this facility provides that.”

Either way the idea of more technology driven jobs excites this student.

“If you get to do interesting things in technology right here, there’s no reason to move to California or Chicago or Madison. It’s here.”

Green Bay was one of six regions in the entire nation to be selected as a part of this Microsoft innovation project.