Titletown turns into Britain ahead of Paul McCartney’s concert

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Titletown is ready to welcome one of the world’s biggest music icons to one of the nation’s most iconic stadiums: Lambeau Field.

Ahead of Paul McCartney’s arrival Saturday, Titletown ushered in a little bit of British culture to set the tone.

Some came from out of state to experience it.

“The hospitality of the people of Green Bay, as well as having Sir Paul McCartney perform, it’s just a lifelong kind of pilgrimage,” says Mark Morette from Buffalo, New York. “It’s great.”

And even though you may look like Paul, John, Ringo and George:

“No one can be better than the actual Beatles,” says Cindy Brylski.

The Beatles may be no more, but Paul McCartney has had a career spanning more than five decades.

Enough time for huge McCartney fans to see him perform multiple times in their home state.

“On Facebook, I pleaded with Paul to come here,” says Jim Mullinax. “I said four years ago, ‘please, you got to come to Green Bay.’ So it’s a dream come true. It’s our fourth time seeing him in Wisconsin, so it should be amazing.”

Beatles tribute band BritBeat played some earlier hits that made some twist and shout and for good reason.

“Their music – there’s just something about the songs that came to your heart and they always wanted to make you boogie,” says Brylski. 

And some just admire the legacy.

“I’m a classical music guy, so when I realized how much influence these people had on pop culture and pop music, it was just like, ‘holy cow, I really need to give these guys more credit.'”

But for now Beatles mania has taken over Titletown and it might just make everyone come together.

“You’ll see a lot of people with tears in their eyes, especially baby boomers if you come to the concert,” says Mullinax. “It’s going to be awesome.”

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