WISCONSIN, (WFRV) – Grab your backpack and hiking shoes, AllTrails has compiled the best 10 trails for outdoor adventures in Wisconsin. Have you already explored these?

The AllTrails website said it has 1,386 hiking trails, mountain biking routes, backpacking trips, and more outdoor activity locations.

#1 – Devil’s Lake via White Bluff Trail, Sauk County

This loop around the lake is categorized as a moderate hike in AllTrails. The program reports it takes an average of two hours and 26 minutes to complete. The route even winds its way up to Balanced Rock.

“The trail up to Balanced Rock is steep and rocky, be sure to bring proper footwear and consider bringing trekking poles,” recommended the website.

#2 – East Bluff and East Bluff Woods Trail Loop, Sauk County

Another moderate loop trail you can try, AllTrails said this one takes an average of one hour and 17 minutes to finish. If you travel this path, you will find Elephant Cave and Elephant Rock at the north end of the trail.

AllTrails describes the path as having “asphalt with stone steps, winds between bluff edge and adjacent woods” and “scenic views with drop-offs.”

#3 – Eagle Trail, Door County

In Fish Creek, Wisconsin, this route is a 2.0-mile loop trail according to the program. This moderate hike takes around 46 minutes to complete.

“This moderate to difficult loop may be challenging at times due to seasonal ice and year-long rocky, uneven conditions with some elevation changes at the more strenuous, uneven sections,” AllTrails said.

#4 – Willow Falls and Nelson Farm Trail Loop, St. Croix County

A little bit longer than Eagle Trail, this moderate route takes around two hours and six minutes until you are done. AllTrails described it as having a maintained wide graveled trail and a bit of a hike with some steep hills.

“It is on the North side of Willow River and goes from near the waterfalls to the Bridge on the West side of the park,” stated the website.

#5 – Meyers Beach Sea Cave Trail, Bayfield County

Described as an out-and-back trail, this adventure is considered a moderately challenging route. Only around an hour and 35 minutes to complete, AllTrails said this trail is part of the Apostle Islands National Lakeshore.

Just a heads up, you may have to pay a fee. “There is a $5 fee to park,” stated the program.

#6 – Lion’s Den Trail, Ozaukee County

Categorized as “easy,” you can experience the looped trail that is estimated to take 45 minutes. AllTrails said this trail features wooded areas and “a path along a gorge overlooking the lake.”

“Access to Lake Michigan is possible and there are a few picnic tables close to the beginning of the hike,” added AllTrails.

#7 – Ice Age Trail to Lapham Peak, Waukesha County

Not usually for first-timers, this trail is a moderately challenging route that takes an average of one hour and 18 minutes until you can call it quits. AllTrails reports the full Ice Age Trail is more than 1,000 miles from Interstate State Park on the Minnesota border to Potawatomi State Park on Lake Michigan.

You may have to pay a fee. “This state park charges fees of $8.00 for WI license plates and $11.00 for everyone else,” explained AllTrails.

#8 – Parfrey’s Glen Trail, Sauk County

AllTrails explained this 1.7-mile out-and-back trail is perfect for someone looking for a moderately challenging route. Taking around 42 minutes to finish, trail officials said the glen should be open to anyone from 6 a.m. to 8 p.m.

There are some closures in the park due to erosion and COVID-19, so AllTrails recommends, “Use caution if you plan to go beyond the marked trail.”

#9 – Ice Age Trail: Holy Hill Segment, Washington County

Taking an average of two hours and 35 minutes, this ‘easy’ trail is a 6.8-mile point-to-point route. AllTrails estimates over 300,000 visitors visit Holy Hill in a year to see the fully restored Basilica (the centerpiece of a shrine) and enjoy the panoramic views from its spires.

If you do choose to go, keep an eye out for parking. “Parking can be difficult for this trailhead as there is no parking allowed on Glassgo Dr. Many users have reported parking at Shannon Rd. or another parking lot along the route,” explained the website.

#10 – Ice Age Trail: Monches, Waukesha County

Another ‘easy’ route connected to the Ice Age Trail, the Monches segment takes around one hour and 17 minutes to complete. Similar to the Holy Hill segment, Monchos is a point-to-point trail but is only a 3.7-mile route.

There are around 10 “points of interest” on the trail, including the Oconomowoc River, a boardwalk system, and a resting place overlooking a brook.

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