Halloween is the scariest day of the year, but did you know, the city of Appleton has it’s share of hauntings all year round?

“There are legends around Appleton claiming that some places are haunted, haunted homes, haunted businesses even,” said Emily Rock, the curator at the History Museum at the Castle.

The museum has been telling stories of ghosts in the city for years, providing historical context to fill the gaps.

“We’re not sure that the building itself is haunted but people think on of our artifacts is haunted,” said Rock.

Halloween of 1926 was the day the world famous magician from Appleton, Harry Houdini passed away. His plaster bust is on display at the museum.  The museum guests and works have reported feeling a presence near that statue.

But hauntings extend outside the museum. The Zuelke Building down the road near Houdini Plaza is said to be haunted by Irving Zuelke, who constructed the complex and owned a music store inside.

Rock says, “Sometimes you can hear piano music at night, cleaning crews have reported that there has been sightings of ghostly figures.”

The stories don’t end here.  Just about a mile down the road, the most famous haunted building is the “Between the Locks” building, also known as the Stone Arch Brew Pub.

“We’ve had a lot of different unexplained situations here in this old building,” said the co-owner, Steven Lonsway.

It was built in 1858 as a brewery, and now customers now come to experience a unique atmosphere.

The owner reports beer glasses sliding down the bar with no people around, and the elevator randomly opens up in the middle of the night with nobody else in the building to name a few instances of paranormal activity.

Just last weekend, a paranormal investigative crew recorded a video of a dark shadow approaching a camera, and moved it to the side.

Some claim the ghosts name is Charlie, but after investigation, they now call him “Stone Arch Eddie.”

“When you’re the only one in the building at night and weird things happen, it raises the hair on the back of your neck a little bit,” said Lonsway.

A haunted city? You be the judge.

“People like telling stories,” said Rock.  “If there are unexplained things happening, people look for an explanation and maybe it’s ghosts.”

Stone Arch Brew Pub says they will soon post a link on their website for customers to see the findings of the paranormal investigation.