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Town of Omro welcomes young boy home after his battle with leukemia

OMRO, Wis. - Dozens of well-wishers in Omro gathered along the street of a young boy who came home on Friday after spending months in a hospital battling cancer in Madison. 

Jacob Lindstedt, 9, has spent most of his childhood battling cancer.

He has had brain cancer twice, and most recently, leukemia. 

He left for Madison on October 30th, 2017 where he received a bone marrow transplant. He spent the next four and a half months recovering from the procedure, as well as a seizure that affected his ability to walk and talk. 

Now, his cancer is in remission, and when the town of Omro found out Jacob was coming home, they wanted to make sure he was welcomed back in a big way.

It's a tradition that the people of Omro hold when one of their own comes home after a challenging time.

Friends, teachers, classmates, Boy Scouts, neighbors, and people who have never met Jacob all lined his street with signs and cheers as Jacob Lindstedt and his family were led by a police escort, while a firetruck flashed its lights in their cul-de-sac. 

"I'm part of the community and we're all trying to rally around and make sure he has a great welcoming home," Angela Dodd, an Omro resident, said. 

The battle against leukemia has been a long road for the Lindstedt family.

The parents would take turns staying in the hospital with Jacob for months, through Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year's, celebrating those holidays away from home. 

"He's doing wonderful, he's had some setbacks, a lot of setbacks, but we've made it through each one," Jacob's mother, Beth Lindstedt, said. 

There are still challenges ahead, but for the trying times when it takes a village, Omro has your back.

"So much community support, and everybody here has been so great. I mean whenever we need something, it's almost like a task force gets formed and problems get solved, and they take really good care of us, they always have, so it feels great. ," Erik Lindstedt, Jacob's father, said. 


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