APPLETON, Wis. (WFRV) – The Trout Museum of Art in the City of Appleton is looking at getting a new home instead of renovating its existing building.

Local 5 News caught up with Christina Turner, the Executive Director for the Trout Museum of Art, where she explained the details of the exciting relocation.

“We were incredibly excited and grateful for us getting through the park and rec committee meeting with a four to zero vote in support of the idea that we can continue to have discussions with the City of Appleton for a new building, potentially to be located in the Ellen Kort Peace Park,” explained Turner.

A new building for the Trout Museum of Art was almost a necessity, as the current building adjacent to Houdini Plaza is over 100 years old.

“Right here in Houdini Plaza, it’s wonderful but more difficult for us to get larger shows that have a variety of artwork because we don’t have a loading dock here. We have the park between us so we need to bring artwork across the park through all weather,” added Turner.

The executive director went on to tell Local 5 News that the Ellen Kort Peace Park is a perfect location and the Trout Museum of Art can complement the park.

“Being next to the river or any sort of water is common. If you look at the Milwaukee Art Museum, it’s next to the lake. If you look at the Museum of Wisconsin Art, it’s next to a river. There are other examples here and we’re excited about that,” said Turner.

Although the current location adjacent to Houdini Park is an iconic staple in the City of Appleton, Turner doesn’t expect there to be an excessive amount of backlash for moving locations.

“We love being downtown next to Houdini Plaza but from where I work to right here, it is an eight-minute walk. I think that the city is moving toward the riverfront in terms of activity and being placed next door to the new Atlas Science Center gives us all sorts of possibilities and opportunities,” stated Turner.

For more information about the Trout Museum of Art, you can visit its website here.