GREEN BAY, Wis. (WFRV) – The Bay Beach Wildlife Sanctuary suffered two immeasurable losses recently when two furry friends of over 14 years passed away.

Otters Sadie and Sammy arrived with their sister at the Bay Beach Wildlife Sanctuary in April of 2008, when they were about one week old. Known then as Greener, Little Man, and Pinkie, they received care around the clock thanks to a dedicated staff and volunteers.

At 6 weeks old, the three otters became very ill. Unfortunately, Pinkie did not survive her illness. The Sanctuary had hoped to release them into the wild but due to their necessary recovery, the two otters acclimated to the staff and could not be successfully returned to the wild.

Greener and Little Man, now known as Sadie and Sammy, have been inseparable ever since.

Sadie and Sammy did everything together, even though Sammy may have been a little more hesitant with certain things, Sadie was always there for her brother. She would always kiss him on the forehead, whether it was leading him into the pool for a swim or to come inside for supper.

The Bay Beach Wildlife Sanctuary shared in an emotional Facebook post that sadly, Sadie succumbed to cancer 11 days ago.

In the following days, Sammy would look everywhere for Sadie, and eventually, he refused to eat. The Bay Beach Wildlife Sanctuary states that “Our staff worked with our veterinarians to help him out as much as we could, but Sammy fell asleep over the weekend and passed away also.”

Our staff is devastated at this loss, to say the least. We care about every animal that calls BBWLS home, whether temporarily or permanently, but these 2 made an impact like no other. We will miss their funny antics, the trouble they would get into together, the sweet Happy Honks they gave the staff—or scream if we didn’t get them breakfast fast enough– and of course their beautiful ballets in the pool. We hope you can be an otter and play outside and take care of each other like Sadie and Sammy did.

Lori Bankson, Curator of Animals for Bay Beach Wildlife Sanctuary