DE PERE, Wis. (WFRV) – Brandon Nackers isn’t the kind of guy to wait for somebody to ask for help.

For some time now, he’s informally gathered his friends for park clean-ups or to repair vandalism.

They’re not part of an organized group, they just have a desire to help.

So, when they saw the destruction of Wednesday’s storms they knew they had to do something.

“I was worried, felt bad for people,” Nackers told Local 5 Friday night when we caught up with him and his buddy Evan Grosklaus in Ashwaubenon. In a short time, the flatbed of his truck was filled with downed tree limbs and branches.

Nackers says he’s just always felt compelled to pitch in.

“I just started doing small things and then started growing up to bigger things and just started feeling better and better.”

Grosklaus is very understated about what they do.

He says it’s just friends getting together. The images from the news after strong storms, including tornadoes, really struck a chord.

“I thought it was pretty horrific,” Grosklaus said. “To see all the damage was really eye-opening.”

Both admit there is a sense of well-being when they do something for someone, whether anybody recognizes them or not.

“It feels really nice,” Grosklaus added. “With covid and everything else going on it’s nice to have something good going on and not be sucked into all the bad things on the news.”

We hear you, Evan.

That’s why Local 5 is always trying to bring balance to the news of the day by drawing attention to the unsung heroes of our community who are positively Wisconsin!