WISCONSIN, (WFRV) – Two local communities in Wisconsin have ranked in a recent report highlighting the number of businesses owned by veterans.

According to the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs, about 19 million veterans live in America. A HireAHelper report stated an estimated 8.4 million veterans were in the ‘civilian workforce’ in October 2021.

The company explained there are differences between veteran business owners compared to non-veteran owners. The following are some of the report’s highlights:

  • Veteran business owners seem to value three things: Being their own boss, working for themselves, and wanting to start their own business more heavily.
  • HireAHelper points out that non-veterans are more likely to have flexible hours and a better work-life balance.

The report shows that veterans own nearly 6% of employer firms overall – some of the top industries with entrepreneur veterans include oil & gas, finance, professional services, manufacturing, construction, and transportation.

Doing the math – where data comes from

To figure out which locations had the most veteran-owned businesses, researchers at HireAHelper said they calculated the share of employer firms (businesses with paid employees) that are veteran-owned. Researchers said they also included statistics on the total number of veteran-owned firms, employees and revenue at these firms, and the veteran population share in each location.

The data they used comes from the U.S. Census Bureau’s 2020 Annual Business Survey and the U.S. Census Bureau’s 2020 American Community Survey.

Most veteran-owned businesses

HireAHelper explained California, Texas, and Florida are the main three states that have the country’s highest total numbers of veteran-owned businesses.

Specifically in Brown County, HireAHelper said the analysis showed the Green Bay metro area had 4.2% of businesses owned by veterans – a total of 272 businesses employing 3,793 workers. It ranked 41 in the small metro group.

The annual revenue at these veteran-owned businesses is from $500 million to less than $1 billion, with the share of the veteran population at 7.3%.

On a recent map, the report showed Appleton was the only small metro area in Wisconsin to make the top 15 with the most veteran-owned businesses – ranking 11th at 8.2%. Higher than Green Bay.

Where some are in N.E. Wisconsin

Wisconsin as a whole showed it ranged 5-6% in shares of veteran-owned businesses on another map. Ranking 28th compared to all states.

The State of Wisconsin Department of Veterans Affairs website shows multiple businesses around the area that are owned by veterans. Below is just a small list as an example:

Data from Business Formation Statistics from the U.S. Census Bureau also showed the top types of overall new businesses from 2020 to 2021 were in retail trade (including e-commerce), professional services, construction, and transportation and warehousing.

Overall, the report found veterans were least likely to own businesses in the arts, entertainment, education, and food services.