GREEN BAY, Wis. (WFRV) – The life of a college student can get busy. So busy that some students do not have enough time to prepare food.

The University of Wisconsin-Green Bay is looking to solve that problem, and its students admire the initiative.

“I am a transfer student, and my first university had 30,000 students at minimum, and they did not provide a campus cupboard. They did not have a meal program like this,” said Maria Lopez-Larucci, UWGB’s Campus Cupboard Student Lead.

Succeeding is hard to do on an empty stomach which many students experience. Larucci says the stress of being a college student causes some to skip important meals daily.

“Some students find themselves sacrificing meals, either through stress, forgetfulness, or just kind of being so immersed in the moment of school and work that they don’t have time to eat,” said Larucci.

The University of Wisconsin-Green Bay’s new food program allows students and staff to receive free frozen meals, no questions asked. The university says it is their way of combatting food waste and insecurity. 

“It was just an idea of how to limit food waste that we have from all of our meals and how to decrease the different types of food insecurities that our students are showing as well,” stated Kylie Heisz, Marketing Manager of Chartwells.  

Students attending the university say keeping your brain and stomach full is an essential part of success.

“Knowing that the university is looking out for its entire community with the students, faculty, and staff that these meals are provided for it is inspiring. I am grateful for it, and I am proud of the fact that we are doing this, and I am able to be a part of it, “explained Lopez Larucci. 

Frozen meals can be found in the university’s Union building.