UPDATE: Former Green Bay Teacher to Serve 90 Days For Inappropriate Messages

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Friday 12/21/2018 2:04

David Viste was sentenced to 90 days in prison, according to the Wisconsin Circuit Court Access. His sentence will begin in January.

Update, May 31st 7:45 pm
Green Bay West High School Music Teacher Faces Multiple Charges

Former teacher, David Viste, will face trial on child enticement and stalking charges. 

Viste was in court today and the Brown County Judge found there would be enough evidence for the case to proceed. 

His next court appearance will be on June 22nd.

Original Story, May 16, 2018 9:03 pm

A former teacher at Green Bay West High School has been charged with two counts of child enticement and one count of stalking.

David  Viste is accused of trying to have a sexual relationship with one of his students.

According to the criminal complaint the victim said several students had Viste’s number because their band often took trips together and Viste had theirs.

He says Viste almost always initiated the texts usually about friends and family, but eventually the text messages became more suggestive.

Viste sent texts like “you look good” and “I have a crush on you” and “I can’t wait until you turn 18.”

The student says viste consistently invited him to his house to indulge in alcohol and participate in sexual activity with his husband.

All which caused the student to be nervous whenever he saw the teacher at school.

“We do try to collect phones, computers things like that that may have evidence or text messages on them,” says Green Bay Police Department detective Jeff Brester. “We do have some messages saved from different people throughout the investigation that have given them to us that had saved on their phone or had a copy of them available yet.”

Police are still investigating Viste’s  alleged advances.

The student told them he estimates the former band director sent him about 1,000 messages between June of last year and April 2018.

Eventually the victim told a school trainer about Viste’s harassment.

The school then reported it to police.

“The school district employs 4,000 some people. With a company of that big size, you’re going to have employees that make poor decisions. Mr. Viste obviously made some very poor decisions here,” says Brester.

The complaint also stated the student didn’t block the teacher’s number because he didn’t want Viste to retaliate against his brother who would be a freshman at West High School next school year.

The Green Bay school district told local five viste was employed with the district since 2007 and resigned from his position on May 3.

Viste is being held on a $10,000 bond.

His preliminary hearing will be May 30th.

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