UPDATE: H&M Coming to Fox River Mall

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UPDATE 1/7/2019 12:38 pm

Local 5 has received confirmation that H&M will be coming to the Fox River Mall in 2019. It’s set to open this fall.

The store, which will measure approximately 20,000 square feet, will add 20 jobs to the company.

The new location will include clothing for men, women, and teens as well as the H&M Kids collection which carries clothes for ages newborn to 14.

ORIGINAL STORY 1/4/2019 10:18 pm
Fox River Mall Says Four New Stores Scheduled to Launch in 2019

After it was announced last week the Sears in the Fox River Mall will close in March, Senior General Manager John Burgland tells Local 5 that changes will continue there throughout 2019.

Burgland says that four new stores will come to the mall this year, though he can’t yet say what those stores will be. This follows the launching of a new Orange Theory Fitness location there just a few weeks ago.

“We have a lot of excitement going on this year,” Burgland says. “We’re gonna be touching, one way or another, through renewals, or relocations or new stores, about 25 stores.”

Those relocations include Victoria’s Secret, and American Eagle, which will merge with Aerie to form a single store. In all, 10 stores are moving to new locations within the mall.

As far as closures, Sears announced last week they’re closing their Fox River Mall location, the second anchor store to close there recently after Younkers did so last year. Fred Meyer, a jewelry store, is also closing this month.

Burgland says the changes are a revitalization of the mall, and are simply due to shifts in customer demand.

“We have a lot going on, we have a lot of dominoes that have to happen,” he says. “This has to happen before that can happen, so it’s an exciting year. We have some closings coming that haven’t happened already, but we have those spaces already taken care of for the most part, so as soon as they go away, we’ll have somebody starting, so we’re real excited about this coming year.”

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