“Operation Frogger” results: 48 failed to stop, 7 citations given, other stats

WEDNESDAY 5/29/19 3:00 p.m.

BROWN COUNTY, Wis. (WFRV) — The Brown County Sheriff’s Office has released the results of Tuesday’s “Operation Frogger.” 

Across four towns, a total of 127 cars properly stopped for the pedestrian. 

Of all vehicles traveling through Operation Frogger locations, 48 failed to stop and were pulled over, 47 written warnings were given out, and 7 citations were given. 

Below is the breakdown of the statistics at individual sites. 


Operation Frogger took place in two intersections in Denmark: Main Street at Railroad Avenue and North Avenue at Woodrow Street.

  • 32 drivers correctly yielded to the pedestrian
  • 17 traffic stops
    • 18 written warnings
      • Failure to Yield to Pedestrian, Speeding, Following too Close, Failure to Change Address
  • 4 citations
    • Seatbelt Violation


  • Location #1: Eaton Rd & Juneberry, Village of Bellevue
    • 24 drivers correctly yielded to the pedestrian
    • 16 traffic stops
      • 16 written warnings
        • Failure to Yield to Pedestrian
  • Location #2: Riverside Dr & Briar Ln, Village of Allouez
    • 36 drivers correctly yielded to the pedestrian 
    • 1 traffic stop
      • 2 written warnings
        • Failure to Stop at Red Flashing Light, Failure to Yield to Pedestrian
  • Location #3: Libal St & Broadview St., Village of Allouez
    • 4 drivers correctly yielded to the pedestrian
    • 3 traffic stops
      • 1 written warning
        • Failure to Yield to Pedestrian
      • 3 citations
        • Failure to Yield to Pedestrian, Inattentive Driving, No Insurance


Here, officials performed Operation Frogger at the intersection of Cardinal and Lineville.

  • 12 vehicles properly stopped
  • 6 vehicles failed to stop
  • 5 warnings were issued
  • 1 violating vehicle was lost in traffic and was not stopped


The intersection of Cardinal and Glendale was used for Howard’s Operation Frogger.

  • 19 vehicles properly stopped
  • 5 cars failed to stop
  • 5 warnings were issued

Statistics for Operation Frogger in De Pere can be found below. 

Making sure pedestrians are safe in crosswalks with “Operation Frogger

TUESDAY 5/28/19 6:31 P.M.

DE PERE, Wis. (WFRV) Brown County law enforcement is making sure crosswalks are safe for pedestrians by using the theme of a popular video game of the 80’s. More on this special detail –  better known as “Operation Frogger.”

On North Broadway in De Pere police are testing drivers, making sure they understand that when a pedestrian enters a crosswalk, they must let them pass.

“By law means a driver has to stop and allow them to cross, and that’s the rule and the safest way to do it,” said De Pere Police Officer Jedd Bradley.

This is “Operation Frogger” which is entering its second year. It is  an undertaking where volunteers like Michael Vervelde cross the road using the crosswalk and officers keep their eye on drivers, hoping they come to a stop.

“These cars are coming right past my feet and for them to not even notice me is pretty scary,” said Vervelde, a volunteer for the operation.

Unfortunately some fail to yield, rolling through the crosswalk or continuing down the road without slowing down. When that happens these squads take off – and the officers inside either gives drivers a warning or a $250 citation.

“We have to be more attentive of things around us, such as someone standing at the curb waiting to cross or a kid off his bike waiting to cross his bike across the crosswalk,” Bradley said.

Police say their goal is not to write tickets – rather to educate.  With a word of warning and educational materials handed out to drivers – about how to keep streets safe.

“Motorists sometimes forget the rules of the road. I think they sometimes forget that need to yield for pedestrians,” said De Pere Engineer Eric Rakers.

And Operation Frogger is here to remind them – so pedestrians like Vervelde don’t feel fear when using a crosswalk.

“You just have to yield, make sure everything clear, then go.  It’s not worth taking a life,” Vervelde said.

And Tuesday in De Pere, 54 drivers were pulled over by police for failing to stop. Fourty-seven motorists were given warnings and seven were issued citations.