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US Marshals, Police warn campers to look out for Dallas Christel

Police say he could be anywhere in Wisconsin.

CHILTON, Wis. - Police say Dallas Christel could be anywhere in Wisconsin. He even has ties linking him to Michigan. 
And though there is nothing to suggest he is armed and dangerous, his crimes are violent and his rap sheet reads like a telephone book.

Christel faces charges of strangulation and assault, misdemeanor battery, and second-degree sexual assault.
He was supposed to stand trial in New Holstein in a rape case, though never showed up and has gone off the grid.

Christel has many identifying characteristics coming from his wealth of tattoos.
The man also has gauges in his ears.

He is homeless, and authorities say campgrounds are ideal hideouts when the weather starts to warm up.
As a result, campers are being asked to be cautious.

"These type of people when they're on the run like this sometimes can be desperate," said Lt. Mark Wiegert of the Calumet County Sheriff's Department. "So, we always advise the public not to confront them on their own. To let law enforcement do that."

Christel could feasibly be caught today if we start paying attention.

"Whether it's in a campground, whether it's at a gas station or a grocery store, people just need to be aware of who's around them," said Wiegert.

For the people who come out here to clear their heads, compromising campgrounds is inexcusable.

"It's like being in heaven," said Geno Vander Zanden, a camper from Kaukauna. "It's so peaceful and quiet. You can't help but love this and we don't need some bum out here tearing it all up and ruining it for people."

Vander Zanden is a Vietnam veteran and goes camping to treat his PTSD.
He says it would be a shame for Christel to scare someone away from enjoying nature.

"Hopefully he's caught by the weekend and people can enjoy camping like camping is meant to be," he said.

There are no solid leads on his location at the moment. If you see someone resembling Dallas Christel, please call police.

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