Students at UW Green Bay are settling in for the start of classes.    

Sunday 700 UW Green Bay students began moving into their dorms to begin campus life. 

Families and UW Green Bay volunteers helped freshmen with the move.

“It’s been very hectic, a lot of people moving in and kind of bringing all their stuff, but I’m excited,” says freshman Natalie Schneider. “I like the campus, I’m excited.”

Move-in day seems to be an exciting one for students but for their families:

“I’m moving my older sister Maya and it’s a little sad because I’ve done everything with her my entire life,” says Julia Childers. “So that’s kind of hard, a lot of change, But I’m excited for her.”

And it’s leaving some nests empty.

“It’s a big change, I’ll definitely miss having her around,” says father Marty Gochanour. “I’m glad to see her going to college. I hope she does very well, I’m sure she will.”

There was no shortage of items to move.

From fans to food to those beloved stuffed animals, there was a volunteer at every turn to take some weight from parents.

“The fun part is greeting all the families, getting to know some of the parents and answer some of their questions because they’re a little anxious,” says associate dean of students Mark Olkowski. “Hearing the excitement in their students voices and helping them learn those first basic steps to being part of the Phoenix family.”

“I think I’m gonna take this time to kind of go to my classes and lay low a little bit and get a feel of the campus,” says Schneider.

It may not look like it now, but for the next 14 weeks these halls are what the students will call home.

And it all starts with move-in day.

“I was a residential student and this is very different from when I first moved in because my parents helped carry in the two suitcases and said goodbye and off they went,” says Olkowski. “Here it’s much more of a celebration and we like it that way.”

About 2,000 students live on UWGB’s campus a year.

The fall semester begins Wednesday.