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Valentine's Day keeps local florists busy

Green Bay, Wis. - Roses are red.

Violets are blue.

Flowers on Valentine's Day are much a to-do.

"It's one of those times I think because we have such long winters people like getting the flowers, they think spring is coming," says owner of Schroeder's Flowers Peggy Schroeder.

Schroeder's Flowers in Green Bay were delivering flowers near and far.

"It's been really hectic, kind of crazy," says Jesse Larson.

Larson has only been on the job two days.

The road to Valentine's Day success for florists starts way before February 14th.

Flowerama normally sees 30 customers a day, but Valentine's Day is an exception.

"On Valentine's Day alone we'll see over 1000 (customers)," says Flowerama owner Ann Hallee. "Mother's Day is a little more spread out because it's more women and men buying, where as on Valentine's Day it's mostly men so they tend to be a little bit more last minute so they'll come in usually the day of."

While Valentine's Day may bring in the big bucks, flower shops still have to spend their own money on the holiday.

"We've got a lot of labor, we have probably three times the labor that we would normally have on a day like this," says Schroeder. "The flowers are more money, they cost us more to get them and we have to have more drivers come in."

But more business can help with those costs.

"I think I have seen a lot more younger kids coming in which is kind of nice to see,"says Hallee.

According to the National Retail Federation a total of $19.6 billion will be spent this Valentine's Day.

A third of that will be spent on flowers.

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