GREEN BAY, Wis. (WFRV) – A verdict has been reached for the Green Bay woman accused of the murder and mutilation of Shad Thyrion back in February 2022.

25-year-old Taylor Schabusiness has been found guilty of first-degree intentional homicide, mutilating a corpse, and third-degree sexual assault. Jury deliberations lasted for just under an hour.

Taylor Schabusiness’ trial began on Monday, where both the prosecutors and the defense gave opening statements. The defense asked the jury to consider all the facts of the case, as all stories have two sides to them, while the prosecutors called witnesses to the stand and played audio recordings of the initial 911 call made by Thyrion’s mother and her boyfriend.

On day two, Doctor Vincent Tranchida testified and gave a description and photographic evidence of Thyrion’s head. A number of substances were found in Thyrion’s body, but Dr. Tranchida confirmed his death was not from a meth overdose but rather a strangulation.

Dr. Tranchida continued on to say Thyrion’s body was “eviscerated,” and his organs were removed.

In addition to Dr. Tranchida, a police officer with the Green Bay Police Department took the stand and talked about the arrest of Schabusiness. The officer claimed to find bloody footprints around Schabusiness’ van, as well as blood on her hands.

Cross-examination mentions that the blood can’t really be seen from the video, but the officers can be heard noticing it.

A lieutenant with the Green Bay Police Department also compared Schabusiness’ arrest to a “deer in the headlights” or a “child caught with their hand in the cookie jar.”

Day three consisted of a video recording from the interview between police and Schabusiness on February 23, where she described in detail what she did with Thyrion’s body.

The prosecution showed a photo of Schabusiness lying next to her phone, showing a photo of notorious Wisconsin serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer. She reportedly found him fascinating and attractive.

Thyrion’s father took the stand and talked about his understanding of Schabusiness and his son’s relationship, which was that they were friends from middle school and high school.

In addition, Thyrion’s father described Schabusiness as “polite.”

A detective with the Green Bay Police Department also testified and said that he saw dark-colored substances on Schabusiness’ hands. He interviewed Schabusiness for over six hours with multiple breaks and then spoke with her again on February 28.

The defense told the court that Schabusiness opted not to testify, which wrapped up the evidentiary part of the case.

Schabusiness’ competency to stand trial has been a topic as multiple hearings leading up to the trial were ordered. While the majority of the hearings resulted in her being found competent, independent forensic psychologist Diane Lytton found her not competent.

Lytton told the court that she believed Schabusiness was not competent to stand trial after she was non-verbal with her, and without warning, Schabusiness threw a chair at the doctor.

That wasn’t the only time Schabusiness acted out, as back in February of 2023, she attacked her former attorney, Quinn Jolly, in the courtroom. Jolly has since withdrawn from the case, and Christopher Froelich took over as her lead attorney.

All of this stems from the gruesome murder on Stony Brook Lane back on February 23, 2022. Police originally responded to a residence on the 800 block, where they found the dismembered body of Shad Thyrion.

Now, Taylor Schabusiness’ trial will move into Phase II, starting on Thursday morning.

This is a developing story, and Local 5 News will update this when more details are made available.