GREEN BAY, WI (WFRV) – A community is rallying around a snowy owl found badly injured on Green Bay’s east side.

The female snowy owl has a broken right wing.

Credit: Green Bay Police Department

Animal Control was able to safely transport her to the Bay Beach Wildlife Sanctuary.

Vets are trying to come up with a way to get her back into good health.

They say it will take months. They hope to return her back into the wild.

“Based on her injuries we believe she must have been struck by a car,” Alyssa Baumann of Bay Beach Wildlife Sanctuary tells Local 5 News. “They are a low flying bird. They stay close to the ground. So, it could be very possible that that happened.”

Baumann says there have been more snowy owl sightings recently as they come closer to urban areas looking for food.

The sanctuary can’t promise that this snowy owl will survive, but they plan on giving her a fighting chance.