Vice President Mike Pence Campaigns For Governor Scott Walker’s Re-Election

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Vice President Mike Pence visited Green Bay on Wednesday to endorse Governor Scott Walker, who is running for re-election this fall. 

(For Democratic reaction to Pence’s visit, click here). 

Some of Vice President Mike Pence’s major talking points included how Governor Walker has lowered taxes and created jobs in Wisconsin. 

Pence dug into the successes of Walker’s record, while also praising President Donald Trump for his handling of new trade agreements, tax cuts, and regulation cuts. 

Pence also said that the Trump administration and Governor Walker will not exclude people with pre-existing conditions from health insurance policies. 

Governor Walker used some of his time at the podium to promote his Health Care Stability Plan, which goes into effect on January 1st for all Wisconsinites. 

“And that’s why it’s important to have a good relationship with this administration, the administration of Donald Trump and Mike Pence because they signed off on our plan that will save people money when it comes to premiums, increase choices, particularly in rural areas and improve overall healthcare,” Governor Walker said. 

The vice president cited Wisconsin’s low rate of unemployment and recruiting Foxconn to the state as some of Walker’s recent accomplishments. 

“He secured, and every governor in America was jealous about it, by the way, the largest private sector investment in Wisconsin history, and one of the largest private sector investments in American history, when Foxconn said yes to Governor Scott Walker and the state of Wisconsin investing $10 billion in creating 13,000 good-paying jobs,” Vice President Pence said. 

Pence also went on the attack, calling the Democratic candidate for governor, state superintendent Tony Evers, a “big government, big labor liberal,” and said Evers will raise taxes, including the gas tax by as much as a dollar per gallon. 

“Wisconsin needs to vote to send Scott Walker back to the governor’s office to keep your paycheck, your wallet, your tax cut off the table,” Pence said. “It’s really a choice between moving Wisconsin forward on all the policies that have been working and making this state the envy of states all over the country, or whether you’re going to go backwards.”

Vice President Pence also threw his support behind Representative Mike Gallagher and Republican Senate candidate Leah Vukmir. 

Pence and Walker visited Eau Claire for a campaign stop after their visit to Green Bay. 

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