GRAFTON, Wis. (WFRV) – Police in Wisconsin are actively investigating an incident after an elderly woman was seen on video apparently trying to hit a juvenile inside a McDonald’s.

The Grafton Police Department posted on its Facebook page about an incident that happened on July 5 at the Falls Road McDonald’s. An elderly woman appeared to have tried to slap/hit a juvenile inside the restaurant.

In a video circulating on social media, two children were reportedly called over to a table where a man and woman were sitting. Apparently, a short conversation regarding one of the children hitting his knee on the door then followed.

The woman then reportedly got upset and swung at one of the children. In the post, it says that the woman hit the child in his upper body. She then reportedly started yelling accusations at the two children as they walked away.

Officials with the police department reminded the public that it is actively investigating the incident and has reportedly looked at hours of camera footage. Additionally, police spoke with area McDonald’s and asked other departments for help in identifying those involved.

This case is reportedly still being investigated and was described as a priority.

We understand that it can be frustrating to not hear back immediately about new information regarding the cases, however, rest assured, the case is actively being investigated and is a priority.

Grafton Police Department

Grafton is about an hour and fifteen minutes south of Oshkosh.

There was no additional information provided, Local 5 will continue to update this story if more details are released.