BELLEVUE, Wis. (WFRV) – The village of Bellevue is going through a growth spurt. The area around Costco is about to explode with new businesses.

“The village has been in negotiations with land owners in that area for quite some time,” said the village’s Director of Community Development, Andrew Vissers.

The village has invested around $4.7 million in new infrastructure in that area.

“Roads, utilities, stormwater management, in all areas of that ‘triangle’ of the village,” added Vissers.

That investment has already paid off. Coming soon to the area near Buffalo Wild Wings and Starbucks is Freddy’s fast-food restaurant.

Vissers said by the nearby McDonald’s, a 24,000 sq. ft. micro-ER hospital is in the building stage.

The area north of Costco might be undeveloped right now, but it will look totally different by this time next year.

“We have a number of site plans (for that area),” said Vissers. “A Culver’s, a Club Car Wash, and another of other groups we’ve had conversations with that haven’t formally submitted yet, so we can’t announce just yet.”

It’s a moment that’s been a long time coming since Costco was finished in 2013.

“One of the biggest hindrances to developing that area has always been infrastructure, so the village has had to become an active participant in getting that going,” added Vissers.

The village added that some construction projects got delayed because of supply chain issues, but Vissers says you’ll really start to see big changes coming soon.

“This just sets the table for more growth, more momentum,” he said.

The village says part of its long-term planning is to add a “village square.” It’s slated to be developed just south of Pick-N-Save and Target eventually.