The old NewPage site in Kimberly has gone through a lot since the paper mill plant was closed back in 2008. The Village of Kimberly is taking over the property now that the current owner has no time to develop it according to the village.
“It came down to AIM being too busy,” said Village of Kimberly Administrator Adam Hammatt. “Devoting time and resources to this project took a back seat and we knew we had to step in.”
so through a friendly eminent domain, the village is working on buying the property at its valued price of $5,000,000. 
“Right now the economy is doing pretty well,” said Hammatt. “There are developers looking forward to getting down there and doing some things and we are just missing out on that.”
The village will still follow the master plan for the 90 acre property along the Fox River. Townhouses, apartment buildings, retail, park space and trails along the water. 
“Things are going to happen faster,” said Hammatt. “You will start seeing the rest of the demolition down there and we are going to get the site ready for some development.
This project is not expected to be complete in just a couple of years, but it will offer Kimberly something they believe will bring more people to the community. 
“If we have great economic times then it could build out fast,” said Hammatt. “If we have a few problems it could drag out some. We are putting this in a tax increment financing district and it will be a 27 year project.”
Once the purchase is complete, the village expects to get a lot of things done through the winter so more progress can be made in the spring.