LITTLE CHUTE, Wis. (WFRV) – The village of Little Chute recently received a $2,000 grant to plant new foliage under the signs at the Van Lieshout and Legion Parks.

Parks, recreation, and forestry director for the village John McDonald says, “[The Van Lieshout Park] was established in the early 2000s where the foliage has overgrown and it tended to grab a lot of debris and garbage, and it was time to make a change.”

McDonald cites the reason for the change is to make for a nice aesthetic with minimal upkeep.

“When you pull in off of highway 41 or you’re coming from the south side of town, your park signs are your marquees. It’s going to give it that pop and it’s going to be low maintenance. We’ll plant, trim and prune them as the years go on, but we won’t have to do it as much,” he says.

He also feels this small change will go a long way to bettering the heart of the community.

McDonald says, “We always like to say parks bring people to communities and it’s a great thing.”

The planter beds will be planted sometime after mother’s day.

If you would like to voice your opinions or concerns about the parks, you can contact the department at 920-423-3868.