SUAMICO, Wis. (WFRV) – A brand new way to experience the NEW Zoo is set to debut this July.

Imagine being able to see some of your favorite animals from a whole new perspective, from overhead and up close and personal. That is what the NEW Zoo’s brand new Canopy Walk Tour will give their guests.

Tickets for the Canopy Tour will be sold separately from the Zoo’s admission but gives visitors an entirely different viewpoint.

“The tour will wind through the part of the Reforestation Camp that is between the Adventure Park and the Zoo,” said the Adventure Park Supervisor, Nathaniel Wagner. “Once it crosses over into the Zoo it will go over the African Penguin exhibit and near the Snow Leopards and Snow Macaques before ending just north of the visitor center.”

The total length of the Canopy Tour will be roughly 1,700 feet, or just about 5 and a half football fields long, and will be between 14 to 16 feet off the ground.

Perhaps the most interesting part is just how close you will feel to walking with the animals.

“An aerial caging walkway is being installed so guests can experience the snow leopards in the canopy with them, and eventually, this will also be designed for the Snow Macaques,” said Wagner. “Guests will still maintain a similar distance from the animals as they would if they were on the ground.”

Groundbreaking on the Canopy Tour began on June 2 and is anticipated to be completed by the end of July.