MANITOWOC, Wis. (WFRV) – Barry Nelson, a Manitowoc native, has been over in Ukraine helping deliver refugees supplies during the Russian invasion.

He’s teamed up with the nonprofit group Wisconsin Ukrainians and started ‘War Uber,’ where Nelson assists refugees with basic needs and rides.

Nelson recently returned to the Polish/Ukrainian border, but this time with his own van. Thanks to a $15,000 donation from Wisconsin Ukrainians along with another $5,000 from a Manitowoc businessman, Nelson was able to hit a major milestone for his War Uber program and secure his own ride. Nelson is able to use it thanks to Wisconsin Ukrainains nonprofit partner in Western Ukraine.

With the van, Nelson expects to hit the small communities that get less humanitarian aid. The smaller villages already lacked great electricity, food, and water options but thanks to Nelson, he’ll be able to get the much-needed supplies to those communities.

War Uber is focusing on delivering those supplies plus a generator to the small villages. The generator allows the locals to charge their cell phones and get in touch with loved ones.

The generators are crucial to aid these communities and are quite expensive to buy, around $1,000. War Uber is looking for someone to step up and contribute funds towards purchasing more generators for these refugees.

According to their Facebook, War Uber currently has money for fuel that will last around 30 days and a small reserve that would cover a flat tire or minor damage to the vehicle.

For more information about War Uber, you can visit their Facebook.