Warning signs and symptoms of stroke from Aurora BayCare Medical Center

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GREEN BAY, Wis. (WFRV) May is Stroke Awareness Month, an important time to understand what exactly a stroke is, the warning signs and symptoms, and how to prevent one from happening.

Dr. Sany Khabbaz, a neurologist with Aurora BayCare Medical Center, stopped by Local 5 This Morning with some important information that people should know regarding stroke.

Everyone is at risk for a stroke, but certain factors can increase your risk that are simply out of your control. 

Age is one factor. People over 55 are more at risk for having a stroke. Men are also more likely to suffer, and risk is higher among African-Americans.

An acronym to help you better understand the signs and symptoms of stroke is FAST. 

F – Face (sudden facial droop, uneven smile)

A – Arms (numbness, weakness)

S – Speech (slurred, difficulty understanding)

T – Time (call 911 or get to the nearest hospital as soon as possible)



For more information on stroke awareness, and Aurora BayCare’s Comprehensive Stroke Center, click here.

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