ROCK COUNTY, Wis. (WFRV) – A deputy in southern Wisconsin was quick on his feet during icy conditions on a state highway when a man slipped and fell with oncoming traffic approaching.

A video posted by the Rock County Sheriff’s Office on its Facebook page shows the harrowing rescue from Deputy Hathorn’s body camera.

The post states that Deputy Hathorn was at the window of a car that ran off the road and into the median on WIS 14 when another driver pulled over to help the driver in the median ‘who he thought was his daughter.’

The video shows the deputy turning around to see a man laying on his back with the upper part of his body currently on the highway, however, quick thinking turned a likely dangerous situation around.

Deputy Hathorn can be seen pulling the man by his feet and getting him off of the highway just before an oncoming vehicle, which appeared to be attempting to stop, neared the man’s head.

“Are you okay?” Deputy Hathorn can be heard asking the man, who responds with a thumbs up and a ‘Yeah.’

No additional information about the incident was provided.