(WFRV)- Local Five viewers wanted to share with us what the storm looked like from their homes. We have photos and videos from all over the local area of what this weather looks like in the community.

Local Five’s Paul Steeno captured footage from the Black Creek area. Videos show the storm had damaged the roof of a building. (video featured above.)

Steeno also sent in additional footage of the damage in the Black Creek area. (featured above)

David Peters sent in these photos super close to the tornado! You can see the funnel nearly touching down near his home.

Green Bay Crime Reports- Police, Fire, and Rescue on Facebook sent Local Five this footage of a powerline on fire near a home in Green Bay. The footage is courtesy of Tara Towers.

This video shows the storm from the Black Creek/Ciero Deerview Road area from a Local Five viewer Lisa Wilz.

Local 5 Viewer Ashley Kempton sent in this video from Black Creek on Highway 47.

Local Five Sports MK Burgess captured footage of rain over Lambeau Field at the start of the storm.

Local Five’s producer MczKenna Rentmeester sent us lightning footage straight from her front porch.

This footage was provided by Digital Content Director Natasha Geiger’s mom.

Local Five’s Meteorologist Ryan Morse received footage from a viewer of a tornado actually touching down during the storm!

Digital Producer Cora Seibt provided this footage from the balcony of her apartment in Green Bay. She says she could see lightning flashing in the distance!

Trees have been knocked down from the intense winds we are seeing in this storm. This tree was taken over on Mason St. and Hartung St. This video was provided by Local Five’s evening anchor Michele McCormack.

Michele McCormack also showed also how bad the visibility was in the Green Bay area. This footage shows extremely low visibility as she is driving through Green Bay.

Local Five’s morning anchor Chelly Boutott shows more of the storm near her home.

Local Five Live’s Millaine Wells also showed what the weather is like in Kewaunee County.