GREEN BAY, Wis. (WFRV) – The Green Bay woman accused of killing and mutilating her boyfriend back in February of 2022 attacked her attorney in court Tuesday morning.

While in court for a competency hearing, Taylor Schabusiness attacked her attorney. Schabusiness can be seen in the video attacking her attorney and being wrestled to the ground by authorities.

Local 5 spoke with Lieutenant Tim Bernklau with the Brown County Sheriff’s Department about the incident. He is the supervisor for security at the courthouse.

“Sometimes we can’t predict outbursts and behavior like that, so we do our best to try to mitigate it, but it doesn’t always work our way, and today was an example of that, but luckily nobody was hurt,” Bernklau says.

According to Bernkalu, inmates are always accompanied by an armed deputy. While they typically try to have 2 deputies for every inmate, the other deputy was on his way to Schabusiness’s courtroom from another hearing when she attacked her attorney Quinn Jolly. Fortunately, one officer was enough in this instance to get control of the inmate.

Bernklau says, “In the courthouse, we have a lot of cases where emotions run high, and we have to deal with that on a daily basis, we try to mitigate outbursts as much as we can by doing research on the case itself. We try to have additional deputies there when it’s required, but again, we can’t always predict outbursts and behavior like that.”

She last appeared in court on February 3, where Judge Thomas Walsh denied the request to delay the trial.

Schabusiness was arrested back in February of 2022 for allegedly killing and decapitating her then-boyfriend, Shad Thyrion.

According to the criminal complaint, the Green Bay Police Department said that Schabusiness and Thyrion had been using drugs before engaging in sexual activity.

Schabusiness allegedly ‘went crazy’ and proceeded to strangle Thyrion before decapitating him and leaving his head in a bucket in the basement of the house they were in.

Schabusiness’s competency hearing is rescheduled for March 6th, with her trial set to begin on May 15th.

Local five will update this story when more information is released.