Class was not in session today for one Oshkosh school.

A water main break behind Jefferson Elementary left the school and residents at 10th avenue without water this morning.

Superintendent for Oshkosh schools thinks he knows how to keep it from happening again.

“The thing that we could really use is about 20 inches of snow so that water mains could have a little more insulation,” says superintendent Stan Mack.

Since there was a little less insulation, the main broke and students were notified to come to class.

“Certainly when we have 200 plus students coming into this building we don’t want to be operating without either water for bathrooms, but certainly water for drinking as well,” says Mack.

The cold spell cast upon northeast Wisconsin finally seems to be waning, but it’s taking its toll on the pipes.

“It seems like when these fronts come in and out it seems to be affecting things more so,” says water distribution manager for Oshkosh public works. “Then we had that stretch of really cold weather so that’s about a yearly thing that we expect.”

Public works crews got the call around 5:15 Tuesday morning, but even after restoring water at 9:30, there was still more to fix.

“People see water coming up in the street and you know that’s a que to call in,” says James Rabe, Oshkosh public works director. “The home who’s sanitary service was damaged had a little bit of mud coming back through their lateral. They informed our staff of that and we’re getting that taken care of and that’s why we’re getting that lateral fixed.”

Fortunatley for Oshkosh schools this is only the second time in six years a school has had to close as a result of a water main break.

That’s thanks to the public who saw something and decided to report it.

“After hours, during the evening if someone sees something bubbling up out the road, call the non-emergency number for the police department,” says Johnson. “That can be reported and get the ball rolling for any repairs needed.”