FOND DU LAC Co, Wis. (WFRV)- One woman from Fond du Lac County is facing charges of arson for the alleged destruction of a deer stand.

If convicted, Patricia Lemasa could face a fine of at most $10,000, jail time up to 3 years and 6 months, or both.

Fond du Lac Sheriffs responded to a call of a fire on Saturday, September 18, near the Town of Waupun. According to the report, the Sheriffs headed to the area near Highway 49 and County Highway “AW.”

Once on scene, Deputies immediately reported a deer stand on fire, with flames coming from the top. The Alto Fire Department handled extinguishing the fire. The owner of the stand explained to the FDL Sheriff’s Department that the stand had been on his property for many years and that no one else uses it.

According to the criminal complaint, a neighbor by the name of Michael Bille explains he was standing next to another one of his neighbors, who was identified as Patricia Lemasa. While the two were watching the deer stand burn from afar, Lemasa admitted to Bille that she started the fire with a lighter.

With the Sheriff’s Department informed of this information, along with Lemasa herself admitting to being on the property where the fire occurred, her unaccounted time during the start of the fire, and a witness’ confession of her starting the fire Fond du lac Sheriffs arrested the woman on charges of arson.

The deer stand owner, according to the court documents, explains he is seeking restitution for the deer stand, which is valued between $250 and $500.