(WFRV) – One Manitowoc establishment says it has closed its tiki and beach area following multiple occurrences ranging from adult diapers to a car destroying a sign.

Seven Lakes Golf and Dining posted on its Facebook page that the tiki bar and beach area are closed until 2023. Based on the post, the business dealt with incidents that involved diapers and a car destroying a rope sign.

The course is located in Manitowoc County.

In full the statement on Facebook read:

Hope it was fun…Now it’s done! Tiki/Beach area is CLOSED for the rest of the year! We thought the rules were simple, but obviously not for some. Our propane heater is a garbage can or a diaper pail. We simply ask that you take your trash home with you. Our port-a-potty company also didn’t appreciate the adult diaper that was clogging the unit last week – seriously how disgusting! Also, when the sign says the beach is closed, it really means the beach is closed. We didn’t appreciate the car we watched drive through the rope (that says “Closed”) yesterday, destroy it, then back up and speed away. It’s unfortunate that most of the incidents we have run into in the past 2 weeks have been a result of bad decisions made by grown adults. How Sad!!!

EVEN IF THE ROPE IS DOWN, THE BEACH IS CLOSED FOR THE REST OF THE YEAR!!!! Residents of the Seven Lakes Subdivisions may use the beach, we simply ask that you call ahead and let us know you are heading down, so we know who is there.

Seven Lakes Golf and Dining on Facebook

The post has over 90 shares. There was no additional information provided.

Local 5 will update this story if more details are released.