BELLEVUE, Wis. (WFRV) – Business is booming in Bellevue. After establishing the village’s Costco in 2013 it looks to continue to build momentum. The community director of the village says locals may be reminded of other successful areas.

“You’re going to see a lot of the same type of uses potentially that is located on Oneida look to this corridor to be on the east side of the fox rivers,” stated Andrew Vissers Village of Bellevue, director of community development.

Construction sites appear on every corner of Bellevue, 5 sites are under review with two receiving approvals. Vissers says the village is aiming to solidify itself by providing options for its residents.

“I think we want to create an overall identity for our community that is unique to Bellevue, Oneida is in Ashwaubenon, and it’s associated with Ashwaubenon, we want to have a unique identity for Bellevue that people when they drive down it know that they’re in Bellevue,” stated Vissers.

Bellevue business owners look forward to welcoming others to the area, saying the new business will benefit the local economy.

“Oh, I’m sure it will help, we only started here a year and a half ago,” stated Michael Tennity managing partner, Waterford Wine & Spirits.  

After a year of serving Bellevue Tennity says he enjoys being surrounded by thriving businesses.  

“When you look at where our traffic comes from, we are pleasantly surprised with how much drive-by traffic we do get,” said Tennity.  

The village of Bellevue says this is just the start in terms of development. 

“There is a lot of announcements that we’re looking forward to getting out there sooner rather than later, but ultimately we can’t because of confidentiality, all I ask is to be patient and we’ll hopefully make it available as soon as we can because we’re excited,” stated Vissers.

The village says more sites could receive approval in just a few months.