The month of November has been nothing short of chilly in Green Bay so far and now as we approach the Thanksgiving holiday this cool trend will continue across Northeast Wisconsin.

Thanksgiving falls on November 22nd this year with a normal high of 39° and a normal low of 24°. Late November can offer a wide range of temperatures as cold air to the north battles with the warmer air to the south. Since records began in 1886 in Green Bay, the warmest Thanksgiving on record was 61° set on November 26th, 1896. The coldest low temperature on Thanksgiving day in Green Bay was a chilly -6° set on November 23rd, 1950.

The state of Wisconsin is no stranger to snow in November. The snowiest Thanksgiving in Green Bay was in 1887 when 6.4″ of snow fell that day. Having snow on the ground for Thanksgiving does not happen as often as some may think. Only 20% of Thanksgiving’s have had at least 1″ of snow on the ground with the most recent occurring on 2014. The highest snow depth on Thanksgiving in Green Bay was 8″ on November 30th, 1893. Snow lovers in Waupaca would’ve loved the holiday in 1918 when 12″ of snow was reported to fall. 

The most rain that has fallen on Thanksgiving in Green Bay was 0.66″ on November 26th, 1981.

This year our Thanksgiving forecast is looking much quieter compared to the extremes we have seen in the past. Anyone with travel plans across the Great Lakes region leading up to Thursday should experience dry, but cool conditions. We’ll be watching for our next rain and snow chance to arrive by the upcoming weekend.