FOX CITIES, Wis. (WFRV) – It only took a matter of minutes for Troy Pomplun’s Father’s Day plans to change.

“It was probably all of about fifteen to twenty minutes and it was here and gone,” says Pomplun, an Omro resident.

With help from his neighbors, Troy has been clearing debris from the tree which narrowly missed surrounding homes and has stood on the property for over 25 years.

“I’ve been trying to save it for the past five, six, seven years and I knew it was dying anyways,” says Pomplun, “I thought about calling someone to tear it down but Mother Nature took care of it for us I guess.”

The storm, which hit the Omro area late afternoon on Saturday, also damaged buildings and snapped large trees in the downtown area.

Weather spotters for the National Weather Service would also record a funnel cloud along Skeleton Bridge Road and Highway 45.

The same system would go on to produce a waterspout over Lake Winnebago.

Lexi Gordon says she and the staff at TJ’s Harbor Restaurant in the Town of Black Wolf received notifications on their phones that a severe storm was on the way.

When they went outside to check the skies, Lexi was surprised to find a clear view of a water spout that had formed over Lake Winnebago.

Gordon was able to snap a photo of the water spout from the restaurant’s shoreline.

“I think if I were to see it again I would keep it at that distance,” says Gordon, “I don’t’ think I would want to be any closer.”

The storms initial rating from the National Weather Service was an EF-0 with winds between 65-85 mph.