GREEN BAY, Wis. (WFRV) – Friday’s 60th annual Welcome Back Packers Luncheon hosted hundreds of fans as they shared a meal with their favorite players. Some had to come from farther away than others.

“I actually live across the road,” Phil Rasmussen said. “We always say it’s a two-beer walk.”

He wonders which Packers player or coach will get randomly picked to sit next to him.

“Bahktiari would be pretty cool. I’m a big guy myself; I was an offensive lineman in high school, I think we probably have some things in common,” he said. “Maybe about cooking steaks, grilling burgers, maybe brats, I think he likes to drink beer, I like to drink beer.”

That is the question on all of the attendees’ minds.

“I would love to have Jordan Love sit next to me; I have a lot of questions for him,” Jay Bauer of Little Chute said.

“(Jaire) Alexander, my son would like that,” Julie Rogers of Suamico said.

“Honestly, there are so many new players that I don’t even know which one, I think anyone would be great,” Green Bay native Stacy Jacques said.

None of them got Jordan Love, Jaire Alexander, or David Bakhtiari. But the guest of honor at Rasmussen’s table is getting him excited about the punt returns this season.

“It was awesome, I sat right next to Keishawn (Nixon),” Rasmussen said. “I’m pretty young, my dad’s a little older, I don’t know the last time we’ve been excited a kick gets punted to us, so it’s exciting having him back there.”

Karen Rusch’s jacket bears the words “Sunday Funday” on the back, but she agreed that “Friday Funday” was more fitting based on the result of the player lottery: she hit the jackpot at table 31.

“When they announced that it was going to be Jordan Love at table 31, it was just overwhelmingly… fun,” the fan from Shawano said. “Fun to talk to, easy to talk to, we talked about his family, it was really a good time. We talked about how he doesn’t like the winters, and the domes are his friends. But he’s getting used to it.”

It was not her first time at the luncheon, but this certainly was the most memorable one for her.

“Actually, the second time, but the first time the guy got cut. We knew we were in good shape when we got him, though,” she said. “It’s gonna put a whole different feel on watching every game.”