(WFRV) – After a driver in western Wisconsin was pulled over for having green headlights, the Wisconsin State Patrol reminded motorists what color headlights should be.

The Wisconsin State Patrol posted on its Facebook page about a recent incident where a trooper stopped a vehicle for having green headlights. The post wanted to remind drivers that headlights must be white while driving on the roadway.

The trooper pulled the driver over in Monroe County.

Additionally, marker lights must be amber and taillights must be red. The post also linked to Wisconsin State Legislature about special restrictions on lamps.

Except as provided in sub. (3), or as otherwise expressly authorized or required by this chapter, no person shall operate any vehicle or equipment on a highway which has displayed thereon:

(a) Any color of light other than white or amber visible from directly in front; or

(b) Any color of light other than red on the rear; or

(c) Any flashing light.

Wisconsin State Legislature

The post has over 100 shares and nearly 300 comments at the time of writing. No additional information was provided.

Local 5 will update this story if more details are released.