(WFRV) – From ‘ope’ to ‘bubbler’ Wisconsin is known for having a multitude of words that may not be common in other parts of the country, but which Wisconsin slang word is used the most?

According to a recent study that looked at each state’s most commonly used slang word, ‘Cripes’ is the slang most commonly used in the state.

Wisconsin has some popular sayings/phrases including:

  • ‘Let me squeeze right past ya’
  • ‘Ope’
  • ‘Bubbler’
  • ‘You betcha’
  • ‘Start-with-me-last’
  • ‘Up-North’
  • ‘Stop-and-Go Lights’

According to Merriam-Webster ‘cripes’ is used as a mild oath and is a euphemism for Christ.

Some of these phrases have been popularized by comedian Charlie Berens who created the show ‘Manitowoc Minute’.