GREEN BAY, Wis. (WFRV) The Packers victory Sunday means a shot at the NFC Championship – against the 49ers this coming weekend in California. Kris Schuller has more on what it might cost you for tickets and travel – if you’re thinking about heading to the game.

After the Packers beat the Seahawks at Lambeau Sunday night things got busy at Event USA, as staff headed back into work to start selling NFC Championship packages.

“For those people that want to use their points or whatever other means to get to San Francisco, we offer a land package. And if people do need help with air, we can do that for them as well,” said Eran Roth of Event USA.

The last time the Packers were in the NFC Championship was in 2016 when they lost to the Atlanta Falcons. And to be, once again, one win away from the Superbowl – has fans excited.

“It’s a good team and it’s a very desirable destination so we’re happy about that,” said Roth.

From gameday tickets to packages that include both hotel and airfare – if you want it, you can find it. But the experts say don’t wait to long. Ticket King says tickets at the 10 yard line are going for $950. Entry level ticket prices are a bit more affordable.

“Right now you’re looking right around somewhere between $450 and $500 to get in and that’s going to be in the 400 levels,” said Jim Bryce from Ticket King.

But a spokesperson at Fox World Travel says airfares out West – just keep going up.

“The cheaper seats, less expensive seats are starting to go,” said Rose Gray from Fox World Travel. “I’ve seen airfares as low as $780 this morning and as high was $900.”

Meaning a package including airfare, hotel and game ticket could run around $4,000 per person. Prompting those in the travel industry to offer serious buyers this suggestion .

“I would jump on it and book things as soon as possible,” Roth said.

Every agency we spoke with today are also at work preparing ticket packages for the Super Bowl.