(WFRV) – Spring break is almost here, which means escaping somewhere warm may be at the top of your mind, but booking a flight may prove difficult with tickets in high demand and prices soaring.

Destination Travel Owner Rhonda Matzke says even though airports weren’t as busy last year following the pandemic, this year will have even more flyers.

“It probably doubled this year compared to last year,” said Matzke. “I think people are getting antsy, and they want to travel. They want to go back to living normally.

Christy Nehring was on her way to Las Vegas at the Austen Straubel Airport when she told Local 5 News about the challenges she faced while booking her flight.

“Just trying to find the right times, not too long of a layover, stuff like that,” said Nehring. “I think that was the biggest thing, and how long do we wait to actually book the flight?”

Matzke’s advice? The sooner, the better.

“Apple Vacations, Funjet Vacations, all your standard ones, they all have specials that come out early in the year, like August, September to travel for now, so book early,” Matzke added.

Tanja Hairston from Columbus, Ohio, frequently flies for work, and she provided some advice for people getting through the airport during this busy time.

“Get your TSA pre-checked. It’ll make things a lot faster because sometimes when you’re busy at airports, you can honestly miss a flight if you have to wait in line in TSA for a long time.”

Matzke also suggests keeping an eye on deals from resorts that oftentimes will have special, limited-time offers, so you can get the best bang for your buck.