GREEN BAY, Wis. (WFRV) – Dating is hard, but dating during a pandemic?

That may sound like a difficult task, but it’s not impossible! There are still methods to the madness that is finding love amid a pandemic that singles and couples can use to navigate the affectionate terrain. One local life coach is trying to help those in search of love.

“You can deal with a lot of anxiety when you’re meeting someone for the first time, you really can’t connect on that level,” says Kerry Geocaris, Life & Business Performance Coach. “Sometimes people can start a really good foundation for a relationship in the online atmosphere because they can talk about things that maybe they wouldn’t talk about in person on the first few dates.”

Local life and business performance coach Kerry Geocaris and her husband specialize in relationship help for couples. Since the Covid-19 pandemic began, she has seen a variety of venues taken by those in the dating field.

“If you can see this as an opportunity to really discover who you are and what you desire before going out to seek that in somebody else, this can be looked at as a very positive thing,” says Geocaris.

Discovering yourself is the first step to a strong relationship. Something local couple Natasha Vandenbush and her husband Jason found out when they first started dating.

“When we met, he stopped doing things he loved like running,” says Vandenbush. “He loved running before he met me. He had given me all of his time and attention when we first met. I stopped doing whatever it was- being a homebody. So we lost ourselves first to find each other. Then the past years, especially after having kids, we have been finding ourselves again.”

Some couples, according to Geocaris, are spending on average 30-40 more hours a week with each other since the pandemic started. For Natasha and Jason, they’ve taken that extra time to strengthen their relationship through shared passions as well as new found hobbies.

“Those spark your own times of self-reflection and self-development,” said Vandenbush. “The workouts now we don’t always do them together, a lot of times we don’t, but we always talk about them and we find that we’re learning so many lessons about ourselves through movement.”

There’s also room for finding common ground, as Geocaris says, by playing a role in your other half’s hobby.

“Watching your significant other do something they love is really cool to watch,” says Geocaris. “Then you may learn to understand why they like doing this and you may support that in a different way. You may even find that you like the thing that they do so you might pick something up.”

And for those who are single, there remains hope of finding love on the horizon.

“I do think, at the right time, somebody walks into your life,” said Vandenbush. “Maybe it’s holding your eyes up more, not looking down as much. They could be right there and it’s you that gets to use your voice a little bit more to see what you need for yourself and then put that out into the world.”

Geocaris says her and her husband Brad are always speaking with new clients. You can find more helpful tips and learn more by checking out their website right here.