HOLMEN, Wis. (WFRV) – A school board president in western Wisconsin is under fire for allegedly using a fake Facebook profile.

Cheryl Hancock, the current Board of Education President at Holmen School District, is facing criticism after she reportedly admitted to using a fake Facebook profile. Some of the posts on the fake account were reportedly made on her election competition’s posts.

According to the Holmen School District’s website, Hancock’s term is set to expire in April 2023.

A PDF file that was reportedly sent out to the entire school board and administration before Monday’s meeting, contained evidence of the fake profile. The document can be viewed here. Inside the document are screenshots of posts made by the profile as well as background into how the account is tied to Hancock.

Josh Neumann, who lost to Hancock in the election, said that he had 87 messages with the fake profile believed to be Hancock. Neumann also said that his team knew about the profile back in February. However, he decided not to make the information public, instead, he brought it up to the police department.

The name on the profile was Annie Allmaras, and the document says that Hancock’s mother’s maiden name was Allmaras.

While Neumann says that Hancock publicly confirmed her ‘online alter ego’, it was made before Holmen School District’s live stream started. The full meeting can be seen here.

Neumann also showed an email from Hancock regarding the board’s policy on code of ethics and conduct. In the email, it says she will forward the request for consideration to the personnel and governance committee.

There are multiple people on Facebook who are asking Hancock to resign. Neumann’s post currently stands at 30 shares.

Local 5 will continue to update this story if more details are released.