LUXEMBURG, Wis. (WFRV) – A local school district is taking action against a popular video game now impacting its students’ REM cycle.

In a letter sent to families on Thursday, the Luxemburg-Casco School District addressed concerns they have with the horror videogame: Poppy Playtime.

The survival game was first released in 2021 and takes place in an abandoned factory. Throughout the game, players must solve puzzles while the antagonist, Huggy Wuggy, hunts them.

While the game has no age restrictions and does not depict gore or scenes with graphic violence, players are exposed to blood spatter and chilling jingles from Huggy Wuggy. Some lines from the jingles are as follow:

I could hug you here forever,

till you breathe your last breath together…

My teeth sharp and ready,

in my grasp yeah they’re deadly.”

Huggy Wuggy

Since its release, Poppy Playtime has gained traction around the world with most of its fandom including children. However, it’s these same children who are now experiencing the negative side effects of this horrific game.

According to the district, they have received numerous complaints from students who say they can’t sleep because they are scared of seeing Huggy Wuggy.

Seeing the ramifications the game is posing, Luxemburg-Casco School District officials are urging that parents and caregivers talk to their children about not engaging with the videogame.

“We would like to encourage you to talk to your children about not engaging in this cartoon and monitor their internet usage,” wrote the district.

Earlier this year, a primary school in the UK also took action against Poppy Playtime after students began hugging fellow classmates and whispering vulgar things in their ears- things they learned from the game.

With these and more incidents happening across the world as a direct result of this game, it’s safe to say the blue bear with razor-sharp teeth and haunting jingles may be just what nightmares are made of.