CHICAGO, Ill. (WFRV) – For Green Bay Packer fans, tailgating is a sort of art form.

The Green and Gold faithful take a lot of pride in their tailgating skills especially when they get to show off these skills against their oldest and most heated rival.

“There’s a lot of similarities,” said Rick Griesser who Local Five News caught up with ahead of the game on Sunday. “There’s people doing tailgating, lots of food, lots of booze, and lots of music. It’s just a different locale.”

Griesser was one of thousands of fans who enjoyed some tailgating fun at Waldron Deck just outside Soldier Field ahead of the game.

“It’s an experience like you’ve never had, it’s lively it’s fun and definitely a good time,” said Chicago Bears fans Lauren, Alexis, and Claudine when asked what the gameday tailgating atmosphere is like outside Soldier Field.

Packer fans always travel well to away games and where there’s a Packer fan watching football there’s naturally going to be a tailgate party.

Sure enough, Packer fans packed their tailgate menus and brought it south for some fun ahead of the game on Sunday. Cheese, bratwurst, Spotted Cow, and other Wisconsin staples were all on the menu.

Bears fans also have a loaded menu for their tailgates. Local Five met one Bears fan group that was grilling up steak, crab legs, and even lamb on a half dozen grills.

Another Bears tailgate party that Local Five News ran into said they do menu themes based on the team the Bears play. Packers week meant cheese and bratwurst.

Naturally, Bears and Packer fans want to outdo each other in everything. So when it comes to tailgating, who is the king of the (NFC) North?

“Well they wouldn’t know (what good tailgating is) because they are too scared to go up north (to Green Bay for a game),” said Packers fan Kayla Davis. “They wouldn’t dare leave the friendly confines in Chicago. I’m here though and we definitely dominate the tailgate.”

“We have access to better food we have restaurant quality meat, our brats are better,” said Lauren, Alexis, and Claudine. “Of course they (the Packer fans) think that (they tailgate better), but we do it better obviously.”

When it comes to that actual football, the Packers indisputably did it better on Sunday. They beat the Bears decisively 38-20 marking the ninth-straight time they’ve got the better of their NFC North rival.