(WFRV)- After their long, hard-fought campaigns, Wisconsin’s government is staying under the same leadership with Democrat Tony Evers as Governor and Republican Ron Johnson as Senator. Both politicians have practically polar opposite views, so why did voters cross party lines?

One reason some people may have split their votes between the two parties is that their opinions vary on the hot-button issues of this midterm, like inflation and abortion.

Lawrence University History Professor Jerry Podair says, “You could have a voter who says ‘this inflation is out of control’, but, in the same breath, say ‘I am pro-choice, and that’s a really important issue to me.’ You’ve got to make a choice, and that’s how you get a split ticket.”

Voters we spoke with also echoed that they are conservative-leaning on some issues but liberal-leaning on others.

David Buck from Green Bay says, “I think people are not as partisan as the parties are. I think almost every human being is in between and not at the extremes.”

Because the incumbents won many of the state’s elections, Podair also says that voters might be more content with the state of the government than some might think.

“Subconsciously, that’s probably what [voters] want. That doesn’t mean they are happy with everything, but I think they’re more comfortable with the status quo than we might be willing to admit,” Podair says.

Perhaps a bit of optimism moving forward: there is still a remnant of bipartisanship in Wisconsin.