(WFRV) – A soldier with the Wisconsin National Guard is being hailed a hero after helping two nurses who were involved in a Texas crash.

According to the Wisconsin Department of Military Affairs, on April 12, a logistics officer with the 732nd Combat Sustainment Support Battalion, First Lt. Brittni Swanson, witnessed a two-vehicle crash while traveling on a Texas road.

Lt. Swanson is a Fitchburgis, Wisconsin, resident who was stationed in Texas to provide support to the Wisconsin Army National Guard’s 107th Maintenance Company during their demobilization process at Fort Hood.

However, Swanson had no idea that her time in Texas would be spent helping her comrades as well as victims of a serious crash.

The incident occurred on April 12 when a car driving in front of Swanson hit its brakes, swerved, and took a hard left into oncoming traffic, hitting another vehicle.

Officials noted that on the day of the crash there was a steady downpour of rain throughout the day.

After seeing the crash, Swanson immediately pulled over, called 9-1-1, and ran up to each vehicle in order to check on the victims inside. However, the vehicles were both locked with deployed airbags preventing Swanson from entering and/or reaching the drivers inside.

Suddenly, when all hope seemed lost, a woman in one of the vehicles managed to push part of her window out allowing Swanson to peel the rest of the glass and lift the airbag out of the way so she could check on the driver.

The driver was reportedly a nurse who had suffered a severe leg injury.

“I laid the airbag over her lap and told her not to look at it, and I went over to the blue car,” recalled Swanson.

After ensuring the woman in the first vehicle was conscious, Swanson briefly turned her attention to the driver in the second vehicle.

After multiple attempts, Swanson was able to get inside the second vehicle and reach the driver, who was also a female nurse. She was reportedly unconscious.

Swanson recalled that she grabbed the victim’s hand and talked to her. She eventually regained consciousness.

Officials and paramedics eventually arrived on the scene, however, Swanson’s work wasn’t finished.

Swanson, a certified nursing assistant for a birthing center, reportedly took vitals on one of the victims while paramedics helped the other victim.

Reflecting on the incident Swanson credits her role as a CNA along with her medical training in the Wisconsin Army National Guard. She says that these teachings helped her effectively respond and help both drivers.