(WFRV) – The response to an April Fools Day joke on a Wisconsin sergeant is a good reminder for everyone to never pull a prank on anyone from the Wisconsin State Patrol.

On Friday, the Wisconsin State Patrol 67th recruit class decided it would be a good idea to celebrate the day of pranks by filling Sergeant Gyllin’s vehicle with colorful balloons before covering the car in yellow caution tape.

However, it seems that in the midst of inflating all the balloons, these recruits forgot to consider the most important thing: Sgt. Gyllin’s response.

Retaliation for Sgt. Gyllin came in the form of pushups.

In a video shared on the Wisconsin State Patrol Facebook page, the 67th recruit class can be seen on the ground doing push-ups as their ‘reward’ while what appears to be a grinning Sgt. Gyllin hovers over them yelling ‘faster!’

67th Recruit Class doing push-ups on April 1, 2022

At the end of the day, it appears that the only people who ended up getting pranked on April 1st were members of the 67th recruit class.

To see the video, click here.