WINNEBAGO COUNTY, Wis. (WFRV) – A Wisconsin State Patrol trooper was narrowly missed in a crash that happened on I-41 in Winnebago County Wednesday morning. State Patrol personnel explain another trooper was involved in a crash earlier this week, both happening after drivers failed to move over or slow down.

On Monday, a trooper was sitting inside their car pulled over for a traffic stop when a semi tractor-trailer sideswiped the cruiser. Law enforcement personnel say the semi-driver did not move out of the right lane or slow down when passing the stopped vehicle.

Wednesday morning, another State Patrol cruiser was hit on I-41 in Winnebago County while the trooper was outside checking on people involved in a crash.

According to a release, the parked cruiser was rear-ended on an off-ramp after a vehicle lost control while traveling too fast in icy conditions while passing the crash scene.

Authorities report no one was hurt in either crash, but they say both were close calls.

“Our troopers are lucky to have survived these incidents. They put their lives at risk to help keep our roads safe,” explained Superintendent Anthony Burrell. “We need every driver to recognize the dangers first responders face and move over when their emergency lights are activated.”

Move Over law in Wisconsin

In both crashes, authorities say emergency lights were activated and on. This means drivers should obey the Move Over law in Wisconsin.

The law requires drivers to move out of the lane closest to stopped law enforcement vehicles, ambulances, fire trucks, tow trucks, utility vehicles, or highway maintenance vehicles with warning lights activated. If a car cannot move over, drivers have to slow down.

Governor Evers recently signed a new law that officially defines an emergency or roadside response area and creates a new crime and penalty for traffic violations that lead to injury in an emergency zone.

State Patrol personnel say fines may double for certain violations. They go on to explain violations of the Move Over law can result in a citation of $263 or more if someone is hurt or killed.

In the release, it reads that in 2020 there were 632 convictions for violations of the Move Over law.

For the crashes that happened within the same week, law enforcement says citations are pending investigations by Dane and Winnebago counties.